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Name:The Leaven
Location:United States of America
Website:Our sister blog
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This is an enthusiastically created home for those who adore bread baking, homemade flavors and want to share community with other breadies.

We have but one rule, in two parts -
1a. Newcomers must post a recipe to share with the community, please use tags to identify the type of bread recipe for easy sharing.
1b. If you take a recipe from the community, you must give a recipe to the community. Please make sure to tag it with the type of bread, so folks can find recipes easily.

Everything else will sort itself out along the lines of: Be nice to the new bakers, we all started somewhere. Respect each other's experiences and wisdom. Do not friend-lock your posts, it's not in the spirit of generosity to do so here. And bake bread to share with loved ones as often as you can.

The list mum will be hopefully be posting recipes from new and favorite cookbooks at the "Wind & Tide Bookstore" on a regular basis. If anyone has a request from a new cookbook, please let us know and we'll try to locate it for you.

From Peter Mayle and Gerard Auzet in "Confessions of a French Baker".

"If you have an uncomfortable feeling that someone has put a spell on you, the remedy is available at your nearest boulangerie. Wrap a peice of bread in a clean white napkin, give it to the first person you meet in the morning. The spell will be lifted."

"In the bad old days of the fourteenth century, when the popes ruled from their palace in Avignon, the penalty for making substandard bread was severe. The guilty baker would have most of his clothes removed before being tied up in front of his shop, and then the good people of Avignon were encouraged to hit him with a stick as they passed by. The quality of his bread tended to improve dramatically."

"When normal methods of village diplomacy in Provence came to nothing, bread was the last resort. Once a year, on Christmas morning, villagers would take bread they had baked to the fountain, leave it on the edge of the bassin, and take away a loaf made by a neighbor. This was said to renew good relations between inhabitants who had fallen out with one another during the year."

"In those long-ago days before the coming of the bagel, the Jews of Provence had their own particular breads. One took the form of a round, cakelike loaf, made by throwing the dough into oil before smothering it in jam and eating it. Another, baked in the form of a ladder, was traditionally covered with a spread made of honey and cherries."

"And old phrase says: 'If you meet a baker in the street, monsieur, raise your hat. He deserves respect.'"

"Always burn any bread crumbs that have fallen from the table. If you don't, there is a strong possibility that you will have to return after your death to spend eternity gathering up brea crumbs with your eyelids, or with a bottomless basket."

"To allow your bread to get dirty is to lose a year of your life."

Needful details:

Fermented dough - dough that has aged in the fridge for 24 - 72 hours, used for flavoring. Start with plain bread dough and wrap 1/4 to 1/2 pound pieces loosely, first in greaseproof paper and the in foil, allowing enough room to expand. Let stand 24 hours in fridge before using, or freeze up to 6 months, defrost at room temperature.

Sponge starter - sponde starter is a batter like combination of similar amounts of flour and water, plus a small amount of yeast, that is set aside for a few hours to ferment. Results in a lighter bread with a less yeasty flavor. Many types, including poolish (French version) and biga.

Biga - Italian version of sponge. Fermented a minimum of 23 hours, will have a lightly fermented taste and open texture.

1tsp dry to 1/2 oz fresh or 1 TB dry yeast to 1.5 oz fresh yeast.

Interests (15):

an pain, baking, baking from scratch, bread, bread baking, cornmeal, flour, kneading, leaven, levain, loaf, loaves, sourdough, starter, yeast
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